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iStorm Projects is above all a people adventure! In a world that is increasingly technological, iStorm Projects puts the focus on the well-being of its Human Capital in every IT project. Flexibility, training, a career plan thanks to our knowledge centres, a listening ear, mutual respect and authenticity are the core values underlying the professional deployment of our consultants, both in our office and at the client’s location. 
Experience our different types of expertise
Processes are increasingly more complex and require more and continuously faster and sophisticated knowledge. iStorm Projects has a large team of experienced and specialised experts available that can be engaged quickly and flexibly. This allows you to decisively anticipate continuously changing requirements.
iStorm Projects Academy
iStorm Projects specialises in putting together the right mix of competencies in its teams. At the iStorm Project Academy, we train our professionals in different domains. At iStorm, people come first. We focus on honing people’s talent. This is how we ensure that their knowledge and expertise is cutting edge, enabling them to provide optimal support to our clients in achieving their goals.


Project Management
Our ‘Project Management’ experts guarantee a successful implementation of the most ambitious and innovative strategies through the sharing of expertise and good practices acquired in the field. Feedback, communication, structuring and global change management are the tools that our consultants use to unite the project teams in pursuing the defined goals.
Software Development

We reduce development time and transform the development teams in order to reach the level of agility and speed necessary for an ever-evolving market. Our ‘Software Development’ experts assist our clients in the design and Agile development of software. Whether working independently or in a team, our consultants are eager to use the latest market standards to guarantee quality, maintainability and delivery time. In addition, collegiality, training and knowledge sharing are all integral elements of our brand, thereby simplifying the sharing of knowledge. 

IT Infrastructure
The advent of cloud computing, collaboration platforms, smart devices, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Big Data has necessitated a redesign of IT infrastructure, also in response to the increasingly higher and more complex demands of the business community. Our ‘IT infrastructure’ competency centre offers specialised expertise to support our clients in the design, implementation, support, optimisation and integration of these new infrastructure solutions. 
Consulting & Enterprise Architecture
Our ‘Consulting & Enterprise Architecture’ experts have the right analytical, operational and management expertise to actively support and advise our clients in establishing and achieving their strategic goals. We can subsequently introduce and test the implementations in order to effectively align them with the business requirements of our clients and guarantee the support of their staff. 
Cyber Security
Our ‘Cyber Security’ experts are intimately familiar with numerous markets and help clients implement security solutions, define a GDPR-compatible data control policy, establish IAM tools and develop a transversal ‘Enterprise Security Architecture’. In a world in which globalisation, digitisation and cloud services are everyday facts of life, iStorm project teams ensure that our clients are able to overcome any safety obstacles by identifying shortcomings and coming up with effective solutions. 
Digital & Analytics
To guarantee a harmonious digital transformation, our ‘Digital & Analytics’ experts concentrate from day one on all success factors: human, technological, competitive, quality experience with the client and value creation.
Providing the company with reliable data and sources that offer added value simplifies the positioning and decision-making process at our clients.

iStorm Projects is part of the Select Group

Tailored quality based on people’s perspective and years of experience. iSTORM Projects is part of Select Group, a family owned company with its headquarters in Antwerp, Belgium, and comprises various HR service companies. With its different brands Select Group can offer a wide range of project solutions and HR services.

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