iStorm Projects Academy launched in Brussels

Published on: 11 March 2020

Last week the first edition of our Academy Day took place at the headquarters of iStorm Projects, in Brussels. As industry 4.0 is developing quickly the link between IT & technical knowhow is becoming more and more important. 

Only a year ago, iStorm Projects integrated within Select Projects. Just like Select Projects, the consultancy company delivers high quality expertise to their clients. But both companies work in different domains. Where Select Projects has experts in engineering, Life Sciences and Industry, iStorm Projects has specialists in IT. Thanks to their integration, iStorm Projects can advise and assist clients in both Life Sciences and other industries to boost their IT expertise.

Industry 4.0: IT as a valuable asset in new discoveries 

The past years IT and other industries are coming together. IT isn’t solely used for updating servers in pharmaceutical organizations, but can work as an added value. Think about different applications of Artificial Intelligence within pharma: rare diseases are discovered by AI algorithms and new cures are being developed based on Big Data-analysis. Thanks to innovation diabetes-patients use digital contact lenses to monitor their blood sugar levels.

Finding the balance between different levels of knowledge

To support this knowledge sharing between IT and other industries, iStorm Projects has invited both IT specialists and engineers from Select Projects to their first Academy Day. “During this session, participants received an explanation on the concepts of Cloud Computing and especially on Public Cloud infrastructure as Microsoft Azure,” explains Timmy, Principal Consultant at iStorm Projects.

“After the theory, the consultants were given an overview on the topic of ethical hacking. We ended this session with the basic cyber-attacks being carried out in a personal lab. Regarding this complex topics, the challenge was to find a balance between the different levels of knowledge present in this session. Everyone showed a lot of interest in this topic and I hope this session has sparked new passions for cybersecurity.”

Interest from both sides

Tom Andries, iStorm Projects consultant who recently started at a new project as IT service engineer, certainly noticed a big interest in these subjects. “Timmy gave an introduction on skills which some of us had already mastered and others never heard of,” explains Tom.

“But even though some exercises were a bit too complex for our colleagues from Select Projects, they took a big interest in what we do and learned a lot.” As it was an eye-opener for some of the participants, Tom also took some tips & tricks home. “I learned some new things about ethical hacking, which will come in handy when the client I work for is in need of support.”

“Learning new things is the key to success in this ever-changing world”

“Our iStorm Projects Academy sessions are the ideal place to boost our consultants’ expertise”, explains Eric De Prins, director of iStorm Projects. “Especially in today’s highly market-demanded areas such as Ethical Hacking and Cloud Computing, specialties of our “Cyber Security” and “Next Generation Infrastructure”-competence centers.”

“Investing in our Human Capital is part of our DNA. This first edition was a good test case and thanks to Timmy and his knowledge sharing skills, it turned into a success. The hands-on approach fueled the learning eagerness and positive interactions from all the participants.”