A glimpse behind the scenes

Every day, iStorm Projects’ staff utilises its expertise for our clients. This is done individually or as part of a complete iStorm Projects team. In both cases, we help to ensure smooth integration and close collegiality. With 200 professionals from Select Projects, iStorm Projects is part of an organisation that has grown significantly over the past four years. We are proud of the iStorm Projects ambassadors, who represent us at our different clients. 
What is project sourcing?
As an iStorm Projects employee, you carry out assignments at our clients. These assignments vary in duration from three months to as long as several years. As soon as one project finishes, you start on the next one. Occasionally, you might even work on two projects at the same time.
At iStorm Projects, you are assured to be assigned to projects in the long term. We believe in dialogue and commitment, which is why, as a professional, you always have a say in your choice of project.
Growing along with iStorm Projects
At iStorm Projects, we pay attention to the individuals that make up our staff. Our open communication and honesty build trust. We are careful about the talent we recruit and make sure that our staff is assigned to projects based on relevant knowledge and expertise. Our training centre provides custom training sessions aligned with your future plans, both collectively and individually. This keeps you up to date on the latest trends and developments, gives you the opportunity to deepen your subject knowledge and we are happy to help you grow with respect to your soft skills. 

Complete support, you are our focus

iStorm Projects believes that people come first. In other words, you are not handled as a product, but as a person. You receive our full support, so that you can focus on your project. Our open communication and honesty build trust. As a result, most of our staff commit to iStorm Projects in the long term. 

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