Software Development

iStorm Projects will be happy to collaborate with you on using these new developments in the best way possible in your company!

We reduce development time and transform the development teams in order to reach the level of agility and speed necessary for an ever-evolving market. Our ‘Software Development’ experts assist our clients in the design and Agile development of software.

Software Development

Whether working independently or in a team, our consultants are eager to use the latest market standards to guarantee quality, maintainability and delivery time. In addition, collegiality, training and knowledge sharing are all integral elements of our brand, thereby simplifying the sharing of knowledge.

Our consultants have the following expertise:

  • Technical Analyst
  • Software Developer
  • Scrum Master
  • SOA Architect
  • Agile Coach

iStorm Projects Academy

We engage individual professionals or complete project teams on a flexible or full-time basis both for the short and long term. Our iStorm Projects Academy ensures that we continuously develop our people’s knowledge and expertise, while allowing for the project needs of our clients. We provide both individual and collective training, which leads to knowledge sharing in our company.