iStorm Projects Academy

Experts and continuous education

We believe it is important that you develop your talents at iStorm Projects. The iStorm Projects Academy prepares you for your project in the most optimal manner possible. You can also expect a training programme tailored to your future plans and current project. At the iStorm Projects Academy, you also learn from colleagues through knowledge sharing. 

Training tailored to your project

At our training centre, you can choose from a wide range of training sessions. After all, the technology sector changes rapidly and our professionals want to stay fully up to date. We also support our staff in their soft skills with courses in communication, leadership, etc. 

Continuous education at iStorm Projects is based on the ‘professional development model’. This means that we structure the evolution of your competencies throughout your career and based on your specific level: 
  • Debutant (in training)
  • Professional (good level of competence, requires only an average amount of guidance)
  • Advanced (fully independent)
  • Specialist (the right credentials and subject knowledge)
  • Expert (as a guru, you help shape our consultants and clients)

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