Project Management

iStorm Projects is happy to collaborate with you on tackling these challenges!

Our ‘Project Management’ experts guarantee a successful implementation of the most ambitious and innovative strategies through the sharing of expertise and good practices acquired in the field. Feedback, communication, structuring and global change management are the tools that our consultants use to unite the project teams in pursuing the defined goals.

From Project Managers to Service Managers

We ensure the proper execution of IT projects. Our consultants are expert:

  • Project Management Officers (PMO)
  • Project Managers
  • Change Managers
  • Program Managers
  • Service Managers

iStorm Projects Academy

We engage individual professionals or complete project teams on a flexible or full-time basis both for the short and long term. Our iStorm Projects Academy ensures that we continuously develop our people’s knowledge and expertise, while allowing for the project needs of our clients. We provide both individual and collective training, which leads to knowledge sharing in our company.