Why choose Select Projects? Nathaniel, our project executive explains

Published on: 28 May 2018
Nathaniel Kempeneer (24) is a project executive at Select Projects and he recently graduated with a bachelor degree in Electromechanical engineering. After meeting Peter Goyvaerts from Select Projects he felt confident in joining the company as a project executive. It is now one month since he started work as an E&I Engineer on a project at SPIE. Why did he choose Select Projects? ‘They do what they promise.’

‘I graduated with a bachelor degree in Electromechanical engineering and developed my network using LinkedIn. In doing so I received a number of proposals from various project sourcing agencies. It was also my ambition to become a project executive so these proposals were welcome. I believe that project sourcing is the best way to gain experience in different sectors and industries when you first graduate. It allows you to identify the direction you wish to take.

Select Projects was one such agency. After a telephone screening I was invited to meet Peter Goyvaerts. Right from the start he made me feel confident and showed a genuine interest. That was something I had not yet experienced in previous interviews. Peter wanted to help me develop my career, which gave me confidence. During the discussion it also became clear that Select Projects have a clear structure and provide training. Peter immediately gave examples of relevant training and that was what finally convinced me.

I have been working at Select Projects for one month now and have already attended a number of training courses. I have been given an introduction to Lean Six Sigma. Project management is the area I wish to focus on in the longer term. Peter is aware of this and intends to give me his full support. As soon as I have completed my current project we will meet again to define what’s next. I have the utmost confidence in the process. Peter said he would help me and he has already. This is also the reason why I recommend other students and old class mates to come and work for Select Projects: they do what they promise.’