Developer specialized in Case Management

Louvain-la-NeuveIIT consulting

Job description
  • Using the interoperability capabilities of the acquired Case Management Framework to implement the necessary integrations with local and corporate information systems.
  • Using the extensibility and development capabilities of the acquired Case Management Framework in an efficient and sustainable way.
  • Setup of the development environment adapted to the Case Management Framework, including continuous integration and automated testing (unit tests)
  • Define the extensibility strategy and approach while ensuring efficient management and reusability of code and avoiding branching;
  • Configure, customise and extend/develop the system according to the client's needs and following the defined extensibility strategy and approach;
  • Develop/adapt interoperability interfaces to implement required integration with local and corporate information systems;
  • Assist/ Support the deployment and configuration of the system;
  • Implement user requirements;
  • Perform prototyping.
  • Participate in pertinent meetings; produce the relevant documentation.
Developer specialized in Case Management Vacancy information
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